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170 Amsterdam – Bridging Structural Solutions and Style

170 Amsterdam - NYC
170 Amsterdam | New York, NY
DeSimone Consulting Engineers & Handel Architects

It’s no secret that the residential development boom New York saw in 2015 has carried over to 2016. A trend that’s discussed frequently, and one that we’ve touched on in the past, is the development of super-tall, super-slim skyscrapers. While this is one way to maximize a return on investment, what can be done structurally if a building’s zoning or footprint doesn’t allow for a super-tall design? Continue reading “170 Amsterdam – Bridging Structural Solutions and Style”

Seeing Eye-to-Eye at Opposite Ends of the Rope

Seeing Eye-to-Eye at Opposite Ends of the Rope

At the heart of it all, our industry comes down to teams working together to collectively build something greater than the sum of its parts. From the trade persons on the job site, to the design teams cooped up in their offices, and everyone in between, teams embody every step of the process. When it comes to the design team, nothing makes a project more successful than working together. Architects and engineers might not always speak the same language, but understanding each other’s needs goes a long way to avoid losing your design intent in translation.

With the goal to promote better communication and collaboration between architects and structural engineers, we have put together 10 things that are common issues throughout the life of a project. We have also invited FXFOWLE, one of our teammates on many successful projects, to share their insights on what we as structural engineers can learn from architects.

10 Things Architects Need to Know from Structural Engineers

1. Time is of the Essence 

Drafting is only a fraction of the work that must be done to complete a structural design. Most designs require the use of multiple analysis and design software programs, which then need to Continue reading “Seeing Eye-to-Eye at Opposite Ends of the Rope”