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170 Amsterdam – Bridging Structural Solutions and Style

170 Amsterdam - NYC
170 Amsterdam | New York, NY
DeSimone Consulting Engineers & Handel Architects

It’s no secret that the residential development boom New York saw in 2015 has carried over to 2016. A trend that’s discussed frequently, and one that we’ve touched on in the past, is the development of super-tall, super-slim skyscrapers. While this is one way to maximize a return on investment, what can be done structurally if a building’s zoning or footprint doesn’t allow for a super-tall design? Continue reading “170 Amsterdam – Bridging Structural Solutions and Style”

How 2015 became DeSimone’s “Year of the Skyscraper”

How 2015 became DeSimone’s “Year of the Skyscraper”

Before 2004, Manhattan’s skyline featured 28 skyscrapers 700 feet and taller. Since then, between those built, under construction and proposed, the city could potentially have added 47 more within the next five years.

Continue reading “How 2015 became DeSimone’s “Year of the Skyscraper””